Believe All Things are Possible.


What are the qualities that you are seeking in a therapist? If it’s a warm, caring, insightful and compassionate person with over 25 years of expertise in the field working with adults, teens, children, couples and families, I’m your person.

My first and utmost priority when meeting a new client is to establish a positive connection and begin building a trusting therapeutic relationship with that adult, teen, child, couple or family.

We are a team working together to meet your needs, objectives and challenges to empower you to attain your goals and significantly improve your life. The word "impossible" is not in my vocabulary because I firmly believe that all things are possible if they are approached with motivation, dedication and perseverance. A key element to success in resolving any issues or problems in therapy is to know that you have your therapist's unconditional support, acceptance and validation. I'm a therapist who is always on my client's side. I'm there for you and will respond in a timely fashion to your calls, texts or emails. I'm very flexible with my hours and will set up sessions on the weekend, if that's what works. I have the ability to use Skype, FaceTime, Video Chat, Google Chat and other venues to conduct long distance sessions. My office is handicapped accessible.

I treat a wide variety of issues ranging from anxiety, depression, trauma and abuse to specific children's disorders such as ADHD & Learning Disorders, School Phobia, and Behavior and Social problems at home and in school. One of my specialties is Play Therapy for young children and part of my office is uniquely designed for that purpose with a "play town", large puppet collection, therapeutic and regular games, art and music materials, books and other activities designed to help children express and work through their feelings, frustrations, anxiety and fears utilizing their own language of play in a safe and non threatening, and very child friendly environment. I'm a very interactive therapist who works side by side with the child to facilitate the play and maximize its effect. On the other end, I work with the parents to enhance their parenting skills and offer strategies and techniques specifically designed to increase the effective parenting of their child. I also conduct classroom observations and attend child study meetings as well as talking to school staff when necessary.